User Survey – preliminary results

Thursday, 4, June 2020 Rich Bowen Community No Comments

We have been running the CentOS User Survey for about a month (you can still fill it out - it's just 4 questions) and we're ready to share some preliminary results. We do play to keep running it for another month, to get a wider pool of respondants.

Main use

Asked what you use CentOS for, you answered:

(Note that numbers don't add up to 100% because you're free to select multiple categories.)

28% - Professional software development
31% - Hobby software development
63% - Running services at work
62% - Running services at home
25% - Desktop system

Where you'd like to participate

Asked where you'd like to participate more, you said:

58% - Testing
36% - Packaging
18% - Design
23% - Promotion
6%  - Event planning


Asked how many systems you run on, you said:

42% - 1-5 systems
36% - 6-50 systems
10% - 51-100 systems
10% - 101-1000 systems
3% - More than 1000 systems

Frequency of updates

Asked how often you update, you said:

17% - Daily
31% - Weekly
32% - Monthly
6% - Every new release
14% - Less frequently

Thank you for your input, which gives us a little better idea of how CentOS gets used. This is always hard to track for any software that's free to download, free to use, and has no registration or reporting requirements, so we really appreciate people's willingness to give us this little glimpse into use patterns.

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