Agenda for CentOS Board of Directors 2019-12-18 meeting

Friday, 13, December 2019 Karsten Wade Board agendas No Comments

Public agenda

On Wednesday 18 December 2019, the CentOS Board of Directors will hold it's last meeting of the 2019 calendar year. Below is the agenda for that meeting that can be shared with the community and wider public.

  1. Looking at if Community Platform Engineering (CPE) can begin to build and release CentOS Linux 8 and CentOS Stream into various public clouds.
  2. Review of signing and release solutions for SIGs in the new year.
  3. Rolling (last from 2019-11-13):
    1. Any other topics aka “What other things do you want on our key initiatives list for 2020?”
    2. New branding work underway
      1. Website update work:
      2. Framework proposed into logo discussion: 
    3. Looking at new Board membership and structure (ongoing)
    4. Stepping-up our meeting norms (ongoing)
    5. Transparency initiatives (ongoing)

Public agenda consent items

  1. Secretary role revitalized -- not formally in the governance yet, role is delegated meeting organization duties from the Chair to include calling for meetings, managing the private and public agenda for meetings, and handling the creation and release of private and public minutes. Karsten has volunteered to take this role until approximately June 2020.
  2. Board intending to confirm support for planning a shift to sharing auth backends with the Fedora Project.

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