CentOS Storage SIG Quarterly Report

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To make CentOS a suitable platform for many different storage solutions. It should be very simple for users to deploy CentOS with the components of storage projects of their choice.

Membership Update

Ceph and Gluster are current projects in the CentOS Storage SIG. We have been in touch with other storage projects that have expressed interest, but nothing has come out of that yet. In addition to hoping to onboard new projects, we would also welcome new contributors that are interested in updating and testing packages when new upstream releases are available. Both Ceph and Gluster project consist out of a number of packages, and the few maintainers that keep these updated welcome assistance.

Releases and Packages




In the end of March Gluster 6 has been released and announced on the CentOS announce list. This comes with a new centos-release-gluster6 package that replaces the Provides: centos-release-gluster of the Gluster 5 release. New deployments that install centos-release-gluster to enable the most current maintained Gluster release, will automatically get Gluster 6. Older installations will not automatically be updated, but instead stay on the Gluster version that they have. With the release of Gluster 6 there has not been a deprecation from older Gluster versions. For details on what versions are maintained, see the Gluster Community Release Schedule.

Other versions still maintained by the Storage SIG are Gluster 4.1 and Gluster 5. Users can still consume these versions by installing centos-release-gluster41 orĀ centos-release-gluster5.

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