CentOS Pulse Newsletter, April 2019 (#1904)

Tuesday, 2, April 2019 Rich Bowen Community, Newsletter 2 Comments

Dear CentOS enthusiast,

Another month into 2019, and we have a lot to tell you about.


CentOS turns 15 this month!

We've been talking with some of the people who have been around since the beginning, and a few that joined us a little later on. And we'll be doing more of these interviews in the coming weeks and months. Here's a few of the interviews about how things have changed over the years.

Greg Kurtzer, who originally founded the project, talks about those early days.

Mike McLean talks a little about the transition over the years after that, and about CentOS joining the Red Hat family.

Brian Stinson talks about his responsibilities in the CentOS infrastructure and CI.

Manuel "Wolfy" Wolfshant talks about the path for someone to get involved in the project by jumping in and doing things that you see need doing.

If you would like to talk about your involvement in CentOS, please get in touch with Rich at rbowen@centosproject.org  You don't need to be one of the founders - just to have something interesting to say about your involvement, past, present, and future.

Changes coming to git.centos.org

If you contribute to the CentOS project, you need to be aware of changes that are coming to git.centos.org. To summarize, we're migrating from Gitblit to Pagure, effective April 8th. For the full details, please see this thread on centos-devel, and this new page in the wiki.

Releases and updates

While not as busy as February, we had a number of significant updates released in March.

Errata and Enhancements Advisories

We issued the following CEEA (CentOS Errata and Enhancements Advisories) during March:

Errata and Security Advisories

We issued the following CESA (CentOS Errata and Security Advisories) during March:

Errata and Bugfix Advisories

We issued the following CEBA (CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisories) during March:

SIG Updates

SIGs - Special Interest Groups - are where people work on the stuff that runs on top of CentOS. We have recently started having SIGs report quarterly, so we have just a few of them each month, getting through the entire list every 3 months.

Software Collections SIG

The Software Collections SIG reports a slow quarter, which is expected. Red Hat collections, from which this SIG builds, are released twice a year. This naturally leads to every other quarter being fairly silent.

Platform as a Service SIG

The PaaS SIG also reports a slow quarter. The main citizen of this SIG, OpenShift, is moving many of their components to containers, leaving less for the SIG to do.

However, there are some potential projects coming up. And, as always, there's lots of room for new contributors to come in and work on areas that interest them. Please do show up on the mailing list, or the IRC channel, to discuss what you'd like to work on.


In two weeks, we'll be running a CentOS Dojo at Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL), where we'll be featuring talks focused on the kind of scientific research computing that goes on there. You can see the schedule of speakers and sessions on the event website.

However, we have sold out all of the space at this event, and so registration is now closed.

At the end of the month, CentOS will be at the Open Infrastructure Summit (formerly known as OpenStack Summit), in Denver, in the community pod of the Red Hat booth. Come see us!

And we're ramping up towards Red Hat Summit, where we will be in the Community Central portion of the expo hall! This is one of our biggest events of the year, and we'd love to see you there, in Boston!

And, coming up, we're planning to run a CentOS Dojo in Boston, on the day before DevConf.US. The call for presentations is open, and we want to hear from you! Talks about anything you're doing in, on, or around CentOS is fair game. Submit your talks HERE.

Contributing to CentOS Pulse

We are always on the look-out for people who are interested in helping to:

Please see the page with further information about contributing. You can also contact the Promotion SIG, or just email Rich directly (rbowen@centosproject.org) with ideas or articles that you'd like to see in the next newsletter.


2 thoughts on "CentOS Pulse Newsletter, April 2019 (#1904)"

  1. Hajmusa Ataelgeed says:

    worried about the future of centos after the Red Hat acquisition , what are the plans for the future

  2. Rich Bowen says:

    The plans are to continue doing what we're doing, for the forseeable future. There has been no indication, to date, that the acquisition will change that in any way.

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