CentOS Pulse Newsletter, December 2018 (#1807)

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Dear CentOS enthusiast,

Can you believe it's December already? Here's what's been happening in the past month at CentOS.

Releases and updates

The following releases and updates happened in November. For each update, the given URL provides the upstream notes about the change.

Errata and Enhancements Advisories

There were no CEEA (CentOS Errata and Enhancements Advisories) during November.

Errata and Security Advisories

We issued the following CESA (CentOS Errata and Security Advisories) during November:

Errata and Bugfix Advisories

We issued the following CEBA (CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisories) during November:

SIG Updates

SIGs - Special Interest Groups - are where people work on the stuff that runs on top of CentOS.

Virtualization SIG

We have two new member for Virt SIG: yuvalt and tomo

Upstream released oVirt 4.3.0 alpha on November 26th

Initial manual testing with 7.6 CR repo enabled are passing, waiting for CentOS 7.6 to GA.

Upstream preparing a first release candidate for 4.2.8, should go out on November 28th, GA is planned in January.
oVirt 4.3 is going to switch to GlusterFS 5, waiting to get it released along with CentOS 7.6.

We are working with OpsTools SIG to get ready for collectd 5.8.1, also coming with CentOS 7.6.

Waiting on CentOS infra for having an appliance shipping ovirt-guest-agent, hopefully with CentOS 7.6 GA.

Why your project should participate in a CentOS SIG

Last week we published an overview of Why your project should participate in a CentOS SIG. If you're involved in any open source project, and want it to have more exposure and better testing on CentOS, the SIGs are designed specifically for you. Join an existing SIG, or propose a new one that better fits your project.

The CentOS Container Pipeline Project

Did you know that CentOS Container Pipeline project offers an automated way of building CetntOS based containers? All you need to do to get started is add details about your open-source project to the container-index repository The service picks things up from there and rebuilds your container image every time you push a commit to the specified branch!

The team recently revamped the service architecture to be based on OpenShift. The service is hosted on CentOS infrastructure but can be easily deployed in your own infrastructure.

The project also scans container images for rpm, pip, npm and gem package updates; capabilities of resulting container; and integrity of RPM data. You can also leverage parent-child relationship to trigger a build of child image(s) whenever its parent image gets updated!

Got questions? Contact the team on 'container-apps' channel on Mattermost.


Recent events

In November, we had a small presence at SuperComputing 18 in Dallas. While there, we talked with a few of the teams participating in the Student Cluster Competition. As usual, student supercomputing is #PoweredByCentOS, with 11 of the 15 participating teams running CentOS. (One Fedora, two Ubuntu, one Debian.)

Our congratulations go out to the team from Tsinghua University, who won this year's competition!

Upcoming events

In December, we'll be at the Red Hat booth at Kubecon in Seattle. Drop by for all of your CentOS sticker needs.

Coming up next year, we have two Dojos in the early part of the year that you'll want to be at.

In Europe, we have our annual Dojo at FOSDEM. It will be held at the Grand Place Marriott on Friday, February 1st, 2019. Registration is free, but we do need you to register, so that we can adequately plan. The schedule, details, and registration, are available on the event web page.

And, in North America, we have just announced our upcoming Dojo at Oak Ridge National Labs, on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019. Initial information, and the call for presentations, is on the event web page.

Contributing to CentOS Pulse

We are always on the look-out for people who are interested in helping to:

Please see the page with further information about contributing. You can also contact the Promotion SIG, or just email Rich directly (rbowen@centosproject.org) with ideas or articles that you'd like to see in the next newsletter.


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