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Saturday, 15, September 2018 pgreco altarch, arm 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, Fabian passed me the torch in our quest for a fully working EPEL rebuild for armhfp, that included access to the builders, the build system manager and a blind, unfunded trust that I wasn't going to break anything.

The plan up to that point was, "if it builds, great, if it doesn't, someone will have to fix it". Enter someone (me) completely clueless of what needed to be done and what I needed to know to actually do it.

Having absolutely no idea where to start, I decided to use repodiff against x86_64, to see if something really jumped at me and said "START HERE!!!!", but all it did was inform me of the hard truth, there were approximately 600 packages that were failing. I needed a quick win and an ego boost, and seeing that cinnamon was only missing a few rpms, I decided to start there.

A few days go by, the list keeps shrinking, I get a brutal fight to the death trying to bootstrap ghc, and finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel. With about 100 packages remaining, I start thinking that our plan wasn't that crazy after all.

Now, the list is 10 rpms long, and it is time to start testing everything. Since I have absolutely no idea what most of the packages that were built actually do, I have no way of testing, so please, install, test, break, fix and, most of all, report back.

If you already installed CentOS (and activated EPEL) using the instructions here, you should have everything you need to start hacking!!

Thanks for testing!

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  1. Hi Pablo,

    Thank you for your work and persistence.

    We are using some packages from the from the "epel" for quite a while now; the usual suspects and most of them noarch. However happy to report back to you. Just say where and how.

    grtz mark

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