Linchpin 1.5 release

Thursday, 22, February 2018 Rich Bowen announcement No Comments

LinchPin is a simple and flexible hybrid cloud orchestration tool. Its intended purpose is managing cloud resources across multiple infrastructures. These resources can be provisioned, decommissioned, and configured all using declarative data and a simple command-line interface.

Linchpin recently release 1.5, and I had an opportunity to talk with Clint Savage earlier this week about Linchpin and what it offers the world.

You can read more about Linchpin at some of the following places:

IRC: #linchpin on Freenode
Mailing list:

Linchpin is part of the CentOS PaaS SIG, which you can read more about at

Also, Clint wrote this great article last year, which will give you more background:


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