Updated CentOS Vagrant Images Available

Thursday , 16, June 2016 Leave a comment

Official Vagrant images for CentOS Linux 6 and CentOS Linux 7 for x86_64 are now available for download, featuring updated packages to 1st June 2016 and some improvements:

  • The size of the boot partition was increased to 250 MB for CentOS Linux 6 and 500 MB for CentOS Linux 7, as the Red Hat documentation recommends (this should prevent the system becoming impossible to update due to lack of space in /boot)
  • systemd will create a new machine id on first boot, making it possible to address multiple instances, all created from the official Vagrant image, in the same network (only for CentOS 7)
  • on CentOS Linux 6, tuned is preinstalled and it will use the virt-guest profile to improve performance (this was already the case on CentOS 7)
  • yum's infra variable is set to vag, to offer CentOS developers some insight into how many installations are Vagrant instances

Known issues

  • The Vagrant sync folder is /home/vagrant/sync instead of /vagrant (which is the Vagrant default). The plan is to create link between the two locations in the next release, and only leave /vagrant in place in the release after the next.
  • Instances should always use NTP, but the official images don't enable any NTP daemon (yet)
  • The VirtualBox Guest Additions are not preinstalled, and there are currently no plans of adding them. They are only needed for shared folders; host-only networking and forwarded ports work, although Vagrant displays a warning to the contrary. If you need the VirtualBox Guest Additions and would like to install them automatically, take a look at https://github.com/lpancescu/cloud-instance-starter-kit (pull requests are welcome).


Only x86_64 images are currently available, for Vagrant's libvirt and VirtualBox providers.

First-time users can download the official images from Hashicorp's Atlas. You can use vagrant box add centos/6 for CentOS Linux 6, or vagrant box add centos/7 for CentOS Linux 7.

Existing users can upgrade their boxes directly by Vagrant, e.g. vagrant box update --box centos/7, but the changes will only apply to newly created instances.


If you have any questions or problems with the Vagrant images, feel free to ask on the centos-devel mailing list, or in #centos-devel on Freenode.

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