Badges Badges Badges: Reporting CICO Job Status across the Web

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Testing your software project is important. Effectively communicating your test results to those that consume your project comes in a close second. Recently we enabled the Embeddable Build Status plugin in which provides Pass/Fail images for the latest build of each job in CICO. These badges are perfect for inclusion in upstream webpages, and in Github README files.

To view a list of links and a short explanation of options related to a particular job, visit the 'Embeddable Build Status' link in the sidebar of each job page:


Embedding Badges in a Webpage

Since the badges are simply links to images, they can be pasted directly in <img>
tags on a blog or webpage. For the CentOS 7 t_functional nightly runs, a badge on a webpage with a link back to the project page would look something like this:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Embedding Badges on Github

Including a badge in a Github README is as simple as using the Markdown link instead of the Plain link. For the same job above:

[![Build Status](](

To see what this looks like in action, visit the README in the t_functional repository on Github:

To join the public CI effort and report the status of your jobs, say hello: ci [at]

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