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How updates work in CentOS

Tuesday, 6, September 2022 Davide Cavalca distro No Comments

This document is an attempt to explain the relationship between Fedora Linux, CentOS Stream and RHEL, with a specific focus around how package updates flow between them. From Fedora to CentOS Stream Fedora is where day-to-day development and innovation happens. Fedora Linux releases every 6 months and each release is maintained for about 13 months. […]

How RHEL is Made

Friday, 11, December 2020 Brendan Conoboy distro 21 Comments

This week Red Hat announced its plan to put all its energy into CentOS Stream 8, resulting in the discontinuation of CentOS Linux 8 in one year’s time.  CentOS Stream, originally announced in September of 2019, is a continuous release of RHEL which provides updates as soon as they are developed and verified.  Many people […]