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Quarterly Report – CentOS Automotive SIG

Thursday, 12, January 2023 Jefro SIG No Comments

Membership update The CentOS Automotive SIG does not have a formal membership process. The mailing list currently has 106 subscribers representing at least 32 organizations, though not all subscribers use corporate emails and some are participating as individuals. Releases in the most recent quarter (or most recent release, if none in that quarter) The Automotive SIG produces three […]

CentOS Automotive SIG: First Year in Review

Friday, 26, August 2022 Jefro SIG No Comments

In August 2021, the CentOS Automotive SIG launched and held its first meeting with 36 participants. We had no infrastructure, no solid architectural plans, and no documentation - just a very motivated group that very quickly grew beyond Red Hat and into the automotive community. Things have certainly changed since then! Technical lead Pierre-Yves Chibon has […]

CentOS Automotive SIG Announces New AutoSD Distro

Tuesday, 1, March 2022 Jefro SIG 1 Comment

Introducing the Automotive Stream Distribution The CentOS Automotive SIG is excited to announce the Automotive Stream Distribution. This is a binary distribution developed within the SIG that serves as a public, in-development preview of the upcoming Red Hat in-vehicle OS. In August 2021, the CentOS project announced the launch of the CentOS Automotive SIG. The […]

Automotive SIG in full swing

Friday, 15, October 2021 Jefro SIG No Comments

The CentOS Automotive SIG launched in August following approval from the CentOS Board in July. This SIG, instigated by Red Hat and open to all, is meant to be a neutral public space for collaboration between third parties interested in open development of software targeted at in-vehicle automotive use cases, and to provide automotive projects […]