Quarterly Report 2023Q1 – CentOS Alternative Images SIG

Friday, 3, March 2023 tdawson SIG 3 Comments

Quarterly Report 2023Q1 - CentOS Alternative Images SIG

This report covers what happened in our SIG between December 1, 2022 and February 28, 2023.


The purpose of the Alternative Images SIG is to build and provide alternate iso images for CentOS Stream.


No new members have been added this quarter.  Membership can be requested by filing an issue on the SIG tracker or by asking during one of the regular IRC meetings.


No non-scratch images have been created this quarter.

Health and Activity

We have finally gotten tags and targets on the CentOS Build System (CBS).  This allows us to build images.  There is still no way to get those images to mirrors and other places.  So for the time being, all of our builds are scratch or test images.

Image Building Services


After investigation it was discovered that ImageBuilder would not work on CBS.  After discussion the SIG decided to take ImageBuilder off our list of potential build services.  One of the main reasons we wanted ImageBuilder was due to it's ability to create rpm-ostree images.  We will look into creating those using kiwi.

Kiwi / LiveCD

We have been able to create test live images using Kiwi.  Although the live images boot, the installer does install correctly yet.

Investigation has shown that kiwi should be able to make rpm-ostree images, but it will take some work.  Currently, nobody has taken up the challenge to get it to work.

Issues for the Board

We have no issues to bring to the boards attention at this time.


3 thoughts on "Quarterly Report 2023Q1 – CentOS Alternative Images SIG"

  1. AnnonJ says:

    Please have CentOS image with Budgie desktop environment. Thanks

    1. tdawson says:

      The Budgie desktop environment is not in EPEL or RHEL, thus we are not able to create a CentOS image with the Budgie desktop enviroment.

      The desktops currently available for CentOS are:

      plasma (KDE)

      We are starting with the major desktops first (Gnome and KDE). After that it will be determined by interest.

  2. yogaaga says:

    Thank you for sharing this report on the CentOS Alternative Images SIG. It's interesting to read about the progress and challenges the SIG has faced over the past quarter. I appreciate the transparency in sharing membership updates, as well as the current state of image building services like ImageBuilder and Kiwi. It's great to see that the live images are booting, although it's unfortunate that the installer isn't working correctly yet. I'm curious to know if there are any plans to address this in the near future. Overall, this report gives a good insight into the workings of the SIG and the progress being made towards achieving its purpose.

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