Kmods SIG quarterly report

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Kmods SIG

This report covers work that happened since last report. The previous report can be found here.


Packaging and maintaining kernel modules for CentOS Stream.

Membership Update

No SIG members have been added since last report.

We welcome anybody that’s interested and willing to do work within the scope of the SIG to join and contribute.

New Packages

No packages have been released yet due to missing mechanism to sign kernel modules. Some non-signed packages are already available in testing:

  • exFAT
  • WireGuard
  • SCSI controllers
  • P/SATA controllers
  • Network controllers
  • Rebuilds of kernel modules with Red Hat specific restrictions removed to restore support for deprecated adapters


To enable the main testing repository run the following commands:

  • dnf install centos-kmods-release
  • dnf config-manager --set-disabled centos-kmods
  • dnf config-manager --set-enabled centos-kmods-testing


To enable the testing repository for kernel module rebuilds you need to run in addition:

  • dnf install centos-kmods-release-rebuild
  • dnf config-manager --set-disabled centos-kmods-rebuild
  • dnf config-manager --set-enabled centos-kmods-rebuild-testing


Please report any issues with these packages in the corresponding project on or here in case the issue is not related to a particular package.

Health and Activity

The Kmods SIG maintains a healthy development pace.


Regular meetings are scheduled every two weeks (on even weeks) on Monday 1500 UTC in #centos-meeting. Everyone is welcome to join!

You can also get in touch with SIG members at any time in #centos-kmods.

Conference talks

An introductory talk to the Kmods SIG is scheduled for the October 2021 Online Dojo.

Roadmap Decisions

  • Support RHEL: The SIG agreed to also provide packages for RHEL. For now these are built against CentOS Linux 8. In the future it is planned to use RHEL buildroots once available in CBS.

Open Issues

  • Signing kernel modules: This requires collaboration and further discussion with Infra SIG. Especially about how to securely store a SIG specific key that can be used in CBS, but is not accessible by any unauthorized person.
  • Driver Disks: The SIG would like to provide Driver Disks required to install CentOS Stream on unsupported hardware. It is currently unknown how this can be best achieved in CBS.

Issues for the Board

We have no issues to bring to the board’s attention at this time.

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