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You may have seen, a few days ago, that the Fedora project announced a new Code of Conduct for their community. In my role as CentOS community manager, I've also been involved in the crafting of that Code, so that we could also use it here in the CentOS project. Yeah, I know, this is […]

Dear CentOS Community, Thanks for joining us for another edition of our monthly newsletter. Here's what's happening in the CentOS community. Upcoming CentOS Dojo Yesterday we closed the Call For Presentations (CFP) for the upcoming CentOS Dojo in May, and we hope to publish the schedule of selected presentations this week. Meanwhile, you can register […]

This report covers work that happened between January 13th and April 2nd 2021. Purpose The Hyperscale SIG focuses on enabling CentOS Stream deployment on large-scale infrastructures and facilitating collaboration on packages and tooling. Membership update The SIG was established in January with six founding members (Davide Cavalca, Filipe Brandenburger, Matthew Almond, Justin Vreeland,Thomas Mackey, David […]

Hi Everyone, Sorry for the two week gap since my last report, we had a busy time in the CPE team with the new fedora accounts deployment, our quarterly planning cycle started for Q2 and Ireland had a bank holiday mid week which *seemed* like a great idea at the time. Until no-one knew what […]

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